Mike + Christina | Engagements 2018


Oh my goodness guys! These two are pretty much my favorite couple I have photographed to date! First we had to reschedule their session because it was pouring all day and so the day we chose after rescheduling came and the lighting was absolutely perfect, with some sun every now and then but mostly overcast (I love overcast weather for photos, I love the natural mood it gives off!) It did end up raining the day we rescheduled the pictures for but not until right at the very very end so it was great timing. Their style and overall persona is gorgeous and perfect for the photos and each other might I add!  

These two were high school sweethearts and are now getting married, which is so beautiful! High school love is hard to find and even harder to keep but being with these two for just a little over an hour I can see how they are still going and going strong!!! My favorite photos from this session are probably the ones of them gazing at each other with the greenery (it’s a small willow type tree) behind them and the ones of them running together. Their chemistry is so breathtaking!

Check out their love below in a few pictures I chose to share! Also don’t forget to give this post a like and a share!