Barkholz Family Session | Fall 2017


This family is always so much fun and I should know I am pretty much with them every week because I babysit the three amazing girls you see in the pictures! This family is like a second one to me and I so grateful to be a part of their lives.

Rachel (the mom) and I have been talking about planning to take their family pictures for a few weeks now since Layla is 7 months now and the last time they got pictures all together Layla wasn't born yet. So we chose a day and got everyone ready to go and on the way there, it starts to rain. Now its not like a down pour of rain but its rain none the less. But still, we decided it wasn't going to stop us and I'm so glad it didn't. Their pictures turned out so beautifully and portrays each and every one of them so perfectly, especially Layla and her many faces.

The good thing is where we first started taking the pictures is under the big yellow and orange tree you see in some of the pictures and that kept us dry while it was raining a little bit. but about 10 minutes or so into the session the rain had stopped and we continued on with pictures and were able to stay dry!

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