Kyra | Audrey Inspired Shoot

_MG_1746 copy.jpg

If you can't tell by the pictures this creative photoshoot with my friend Kyra is Audrey Hepburn themed! I have been wanting to do a photoshoot like this for so long and Kyra was the perfect person to ask because Audrey Hepburn is her role model, anything you need to know about Audrey, Kyra is the girl to ask!

Once again this entire photoshoot takes place in the lovely downtown Toledo. We walked and drove around pretty much the entire downtown area looking for the most perfect spots and buildings to recreate some of Audrey's most iconic photos, and to create some of our own! The whole time we were doing this shoot so many people stopped to ask us what we were doing or to compliment Kyra on her outfits/resemblance to Audrey herself!

Themed/Creative photoshoots are probably one of my favorite types of shoots to photograph just because they are always so unique and different and its so much fun to get dressed up and pretend to be someone your not for a change. But I believe in an alternate universe or another life Kyra is Audrey Hepburn!

p.s. check out my Facebook page for the rest of the photos and for some side by side comparisons!

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