Hannah | Senior 2018

_MG_0357 copy.jpg

Man so far my 2018 seniors this year have been bomb, and its not even 2018 yet! Hannah is my second senior for the year 2018 so far and she was so edgy and artsy, I really enjoyed photographing this session because of the locations she chose!

We started off in downtown Toledo in front of some of the most amazing and mesmorizing mural I had seen down there! And I had never taken pictures with any of them before which I really loved! I love it when my models like to do their own thing and don't try and copy other sessions they've seen, I mean its fine for a few pictures but when you take your session into your own hands and do your thing you really see yourself a lot more in the final pictures!

The weather for this session was super bipolar! The first half of the session it was so sunny neither of us could barely see and the second half it rained so hard we had to wait it out under a shelter for at least a half hour, but Hannah was such a trooper and we worked through the conditions!

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