Lydia + Tyler | Wedding 2018

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I first met Lydia and Tyler back in September when I took their engagement pictures! Those were so much fun and really showed me what kind of couple they were together and what kind of people they were a part. That photoshoot made me very excited to photograph their wedding because I knew it was going to be a blast! And boy was I right. 

The day of the wedding started off at Lydia and Tyler’s church to take pictures of them getting ready. There was music and laughter filling the room and you could sense the excitement throughout the room as well. After I got done taking pictures of the girls I went down the hall to where the boys were “getting ready” which we all know it took them all at least 15 minutes to get ready so they were pretty much just hanging out by the time my sister and I got down there. We walked in and I announced that I wanted to get some pictures of them getting ready, I explained to them how they would be sort of staged since obviously, they were already ready, so I told them I wanted them to loosen their ties and pretend to tighten them back up, they all just looked at me for a second and then said they were only clip ons, I said that’s all right we will pretend. So we moved some furniture around got them all situated and I just started snapping pictures and I love the results I got, the boys were just talking among themselves and making each other laugh making for some great candid’s, which are the best!

Next I went back to the girls room and Lydia asked me if we could do a picture in honor of her grandpa who had passed on, I said of course and she pulled out a perfume labeled sweet pea and explained to me that she wanted me to take a picture of herself standing in front of the mirror pretending to spray on the perfume while I get the view from the back where she has a tattoo that says “Papa’s Sweet Pea”. She used the perfume also because that was the last gift he had given her, it was such a sweet moment that I was so happy I could capture. After that we got a few more pictures of the girls before heading to the park where the wedding was taking place.

Once we arrived at the park we did some first look pictures, which I think Tyler’s reaction to seeing Lydia for the first time really explains the emotions that were happening in that moment. After the first look, they went their separate ways and stood where they needed to stand in order for the wedding to begin. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and they had such beautiful day for it, especially since it had stormed the whole week beforehand. After the ceremony, it was time to really celebrate, it was reception time.

Each couple in the wedding party had their own unique routine to walk in to, and then it was time for the first dance. The first dance was like a fairytale, you could really feel the love between the two of them, and you can see it in the way they look at each other. After that they lit the unity candles, which took two tries because the candles didn’t want to stay lit, but when that was all take care of it was time for one of the best parts of the evening, dinner, brought to you by Fazolis. 

The Fazolis was amazing but then it was time for more dancing and time for the father daughter dance, mother daughter dance and mother son dance. They were all breath taking and so touching. There was really a lot of love in that room that night. But after all of that everyone went back to dancing and then a dinosaur appeared. Not a real one of course but one of Lydia and Tyler’s friends had brought his blow dinosaur costumes and he came out and showed everyone his moves, it was hilarious.

Before the night came to an official end we did some sunset pictures at the most perfect time, those pictures are probably some of my favorites that I took all night long. The night ended with more dancing and games and one finale group huddle/dance with their closest friends and family.

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